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Are you looking for a company that has boats for sale? If you are, you can’t do better than contacting Island Lake Marine & Sports. We can help residents in or around the state of Colorado pick out the best new or used boat for sale. You can find many brands and models of boats new or used in our inventory. We have boats available that are designed with certain aquatic activities in mind. We also provide additional services at our unique on the water boat dealership like our concierge sales services, the option to trade in or sell your boat, and boat financing options. For any additional questions, feel free to visit or call today!

  • New and Used Boats for Sale for Colorado Boat Owners

    Island Lake Marine & Sports stands alone in Colorado as the only dealership that sits on the water. However, this is not what gets Colorado boat owners so excited about doing business with us. If you are looking for a chance to see a large selection of new and used boats and test drive them, then you can depend on us. Call or visit to find out more about our boat availability, or for the best time to visit and test drive your next boat!

  • All Inventory Available for You

    We sell a variety of different boats with a range of different brands that provide several different uses to our clients. We have pontoon boats, all around boats, wakeboard/wakesurf boats, and more. For a full list of all our inventory, consider calling or visiting our on the water dealership. Upon visiting, take advantage of the opportunity to test drive the boat you are considering purchasing to assure that it functions and delivers the features you are looking for.

  • Concierge Sales Service for Colorado Boat Owners

    Save yourself the time and trouble of coming down to browse, check, and customize your next vessel. Take advantage of our concierge sales service. We help with the selection, maintenance checks, lake testing, trading, selling, financing, and more. Doing so will make sure that you can get on the water quickly and easily. Call or visit our lot for more information on our dealership’s concierge sales services today!

  • Boat Trade & Sell at Our Colorado Dealership

    We at Island Lake Marine & Sports are proud to offer a number of options so that experienced and soon to be boat owners can get their hands on the vessel of their dreams. For those who have a boat already but are looking to upgrade or change up their aquatic activities, we offer the option for them to trade in or sell their boats to us. We want you to have the boat of your dreams, and we are willing to do whatever we can to make that happen.

  • Boat Financing Available in Colorado

    After being in the boat selling business for decades, we have been providing current and aspiring boat owners with an easier approach to buying their next vessel. By offering boat financing, also referred to as a boat loan, we can help dampen the blow of the initial investment for a new or used boat. Get on the water sooner, for a lower initial cost today with our boat financing services! Other boat dealers in Colorado struggle to compete with the way we run our business.

Call or Visit Our Fort Collins, CO Dealership Today

Whether you are a first time boat buyer, or you are looking for a new vessel in Colorado, you can trust Island Lake Marine & Sports. Our family owned and operated boat and boating accessories dealership has been providing Colorado with a wide variety of new and used watercrafts since 1991. Call today to find your next boat!

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