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As the pontoon boat has become one of the most popular models in Fort Collins because of its versatility. Pontoon boats are increasingly being used for a wide variety of uses, including as a wakeboard and water ski boat, cruiser, and yes, even as a fishing boat. Despite the highly specialized fishing boats, there are numerous reasons why a pontoon fishing boat might be a better fit for your lifestyle and budget. Considering a new boat? Stop by Fort Collins’s only on the water dealership to get behind the wheel of a new pontoon fishing boat today!

Are Pontoons Good Fishing Boats?

Dedicated fishing boats have specific items that don’t appear on many other types of pleasure boats. Luckily, most of these amenities can be found on the fishing versions of the pontoon boats we currently sell. For example, live wells are a must have on many dedicated fishing vessels and can be found on plenty of the pontoon boats we sell at our dealership. Many of our pontoon boats have additional features you can add to make it a fully functioning fishing vessel that will retain its value long after its original purchase. Stop by our Fort Collins dealership to see a pontoon in action today!

Crest Fishing Boats in Fort Collins

Our selection of crest fishing boats in Fort Collins features state of the art pontoon features designed specifically for fishing applications. The increased versatility and low cost of maintenance and operation make pontoon boats one of the best selling models on the market. These extremely flexible boats also have plenty of utility as a fishing boat. As Fort Collins’s premier Crest fishing boat dealers, we proudly offer Crest’s full line of 200 and 220 fishing boats. When you want top performance with the reliability of Crest's innovative design, reach out to Island Lake Marine & Sports.

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