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When speed and acceleration are what matters most to you, the Mercury Pro XS is the only real choice for competitive Colorado boaters. The efficiency and grace in which this Mercury outboard motor gets to top end speed is truly a marvel, scratching any boaters itch for serious speed. At Island Lake Marine & Sports in Colorado, we can help connect you with outboard motors that meet these needs, and the Mercury Pro XS is by far one of the best.

Mercury Pro XS Engines for Colorado Sport Boats

Mercury Pro XS outboards are engineered to satisfy the most demanding people on the water, including tournament anglers looking for every advantage they can squeeze out of their sporting equipment. However, you don't have to be a professional to appreciate everything the Mercury Outboard has to offer – blistering speed, powerful acceleration, legendary reliability, incredible fuel efficiency, and much more. Boat enthusiasts of all types can come to enjoy this, especially if they are shown how to use them properly by a helpful dealer in Colorado.

Outboard Motors for Any Situation in Colorado

Mercury Outboard motors aren’t just for racing around the lake; they are ideal for all sorts of marine situations. At Island Lake Marine & Sports in Colorado, we have our own private 20-acre lake to show you exactly how to use your new motor before you take it off the lot in Fort Collins. It’s crucial to understand what you are buying and how to use it, but also the reputation of the dealership you will trust this investment to.

Committed Mercury Outboard Dealership in Colorado

As a family owned and operated business for more than two decades, Island Lake Marine & Sports is committed to the Colorado boating community. We understand this all starts with reliable engines, and the outboard motors made by Mercury are among the finest. If Colorado boaters want speed, they turn to the Mercury Pro XS for all they can handle.

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