close-up of a man repairing a boat engine under sunny day

Boat Maintenance & Repair Services: Boat Oil Change, Tuneup Services & More in Fort Collins, CO

close-up of a man repairing a boat engine under sunny day

Founded in 1991, Island Lake Marine & Sports is proud to serve top of the line boat services to the Fort Collins community. One of the advantages that set us apart from the competition is our own private lake, where you will be able to test your newly fixed boat as soon as you receive it back from us following a tune up or oil change. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a brand new boat, or just looking for services on your current watercraft, at Island Lake Marine & Sports in Fort Collins, we have you covered!

Fiberglass Boat Crack Repair Boat Services in Fort Collins

One of the most requested boat services from our Fort Collins customers is fixing cracked fiberglass. Heavier than aluminum, fiberglass boats provide a stable table ride with less pounding to make a nice and smooth riding experience, which is why they are popular amount Fort Collins boaters. While they are durable and are our ability to work on fiberglass boats. While they are durable and last for as long as several decades, with the proper maintenance and care, that doesn’t mean they are impervious to damage. Allow Island Lake Marine & Sports in Fort Collins to provide your fiberglass boat the first class maintenance and care!

Boat Tune Up Services at Fort Collins Boat Dealership

When it comes to keeping a boat in prime condition, it is essential to hold regular and consistent services and appointments. Here at Island Lake Marine & Sports in Fort Collins, we are proud to offer not only boat oil change and tune up services but also solutions to summarize or winterize your boat. Some of our other options include, shrink wrapping, installing outboard and trolling motors, diagnosing runability issues, and replacing impellers. If you need any services ranging from a boat oil change to something bigger, we have you covered.

Learn More About Our Fort Collins Buddy Boating Program

If you are serious about taking charge and owning your own boat, then you might be the perfect fit for our Buddy Boating program! You will learn everything you can possibly know about what it takes to successfully own, operate, and maintain your boat from our experts at the Fort Collins dealership. Interested in signing up or learning more? Give us a call today if interested in joining this exclusive group!

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Whether you are a first time boat buyer, or you are looking for a new vessel in Colorado, you can trust Island Lake Marine & Sports. Our family owned and operated boat and boating accessories dealership has been providing Colorado with a wide variety of new and used watercrafts since 1991. Call today to find your next boat!

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