Tivat, Montenegro – April, 2019: Four outboard motors Suzuki DF350A on a speedboat

Boating Mechanic Services: Outboard Motor Repair, Maintenance & Trolling Installation Services in Fort Collins, CO

Tivat, Montenegro – April, 2019: Four outboard motors Suzuki DF350A on a speedboat

Founded in 1991, Island Lake Marine & Sports provides high quality boat services in Fort Collins to our expansive community of boaters. Located next to the Island Lake in Fort Collins, we offer a rare on the water boat service that allows our experienced mechanics to provide immediate assistance. We are proud to offer our customers trolling motor installations at our Fort Collins location. Trolling motors are electric outboard motors that push or pull fishing boats, pontoon boats, or any other smaller watercraft. Allow our experienced team of boat mechanics in Fort Collins to perform a motor installation for you today!

Fort Collins Mechanics Provide Trolling Motor Installations

One of the main boat services we provide for Fort Collins customers is motor installations for trolling motors. Mainly used for moving other boats, trolling boats use electric and gas powered outboard motors that are often found on fishing and pontoon boats. Unlike the outboard motor, the trolling boat is not going to be the main source of propulsion, as these motors are lifted from the water when the main engine is being used, eliminating drag and allowing your boat to glide smoothly through the water. Call Island Lake Marine & Sports in Fort Collins for all of your trolling motor needs!

Outboard Motor Installation at Fort Collins Boat Dealership

Unlike trolling motors, outboard motors are solely responsible for propelling a boat through the water. These systems are made of a self contained unit that includes the engine, gearbox, and the propeller. The overall outboard motor system is usually located to the outside of your small boat, either at the bow or the stern of the boat. Like trolling motors, outboard motors allow you to move through the water easily but also enable you to steer the boat. Allow our experienced boat mechanics in Fort Collins to perform a motor installation for your boat today!

Learn How to Install Motors at Buddy Boating

Want to learn more about the differences between trolling motors and outboard motors? Well, then feel free to look at our Buddy Boating! In this program, our team of experienced boat experts will work with you and teach you everything you need to know, including all the maintenance for a consistently working boat. Interested in hitting the Fort Collins waters? Give us a call today and learn more about the Buddy Boating program!

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