Truck towing a  boat on the interstate, California

Boat Transportation & Trailer Bearing Services: Repacking Trailer Bearings in Fort Collins, CO

Truck towing a  boat on the interstate, California

When was the last time you checked the bearings for your trailer? Our boat services at Island Lake Marine & Sports in Fort Collins include repacking trailer bearings for your boat trailer. Doing this service on a regular basis will help keep your wheels attached to the boat trailer. If you want to avoid the scare of your trailer detaching with your boat and ending up on the side of the road, give Island Lake Marine & Sports in Fort Collins a call today. We will be more than happy to take care of your boat trailer bearings for you!

Boat Trailer Bearing Repairs by Fort Collins Experts

One of the top boat services we provide at our Fort Collins dealership is repacking and providing repairs for trailer bearings. While it is a messy job, it is crucial to keep your boat trailer’s wheel bearings greased, especially with all the weight from the boat and the trailer coming down on them. If you are not already replacing bearings for your own boat trailer, give us a call today, and our professional mechanics in Fort Collins will be proud to be able to do this boat service for you.

Fort Collins Dealership Provides Boat Services

Along with being able to repack bearings, some of the other services Island Lake Marine & Sports in Fort Collins offers are summerize and winterize your boat, shrink wrapping your boat to prepare for the offseason. Our experienced Fort Collins mechanics are fully capable of high quality outboard and trolling motor installations, oil changes, as well as check out any runability issues with your boat.

Learn How to Repack Trailer Bearings With Buddy Boating

When it comes to owning your own boat and transporting it from one location to the next in Fort Collins and surrounding areas, it is important to know how to correctly repack trailer bearings on a regular basis. Maintaining your boat trailer is essential for safely transporting from lake to lake or into storage. If you are interested in learning how to work on your boat trailer or any other maintenance task, give us a call today and learn more about the Buddy Boating program in Fort Collins!

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