New & Used Paddleboards for Sale in Fort Collins, CO

Paddleboarding is like a mix between surfing and kayaking. Traditionally, paddleboarding was done by lying or kneeling on a paddleboard to swim and propel forward. However, stand up paddleboards are becoming increasingly popular throughout Fort Collins because you can paddleboard on freshwater bodies of water without the need for natural waves. Island Lake Marine & Sports is Fort Collins’ only on the water paddleboard dealer, so when you’re looking for exceptional quality, a wide selection of gear, and pricing, stop by our Fort Collins shop today!

Paddleboards for Sale in Fort Collins

We have everything you need from brand name paddleboards, paddles, and other accessories for a perfect day of paddleboarding. As a Fort Collins based company, by boaters for boaters, our recommendations are practical and give you the confidence to make an informed purchase, regardless of skill level. We even check our equipment directly on the water with our own private lake in Fort Collins, which means we stand behind the gear we sell. Stop by today to see our selection of paddleboards for sale and other gear.

Fort Collins’ Local Paddleboard Experts

Because we are Fort Collins’ only on the water store selling paddleboards and gear, we can give you a deep insight into your paddleboarding gear; other shops in the area simply cannot. With the ability to test your gear on our private lake before you proceed with any sort of purchase, you can see exactly how your new gear or a new paddleboard set up will feel. As avid paddleboarders, our staff provides insight and practical advice to keep you happy and comfortable on the water.

Stand Up Paddleboards in Fort Collins

Stand up paddleboards allows riders to stand up and use a specially designed paddle to propel themselves through the water. This new derivative of paddleboarding came from Hawaii, and because of its relative ease, it’s grown increasingly popular throughout the world. There are even people who do yoga on a stand up paddleboard! Luckily for Fort Collins’ residents, we have a wide selection of stand up paddleboards for you to choose from, complete with paddles, wetsuits, and any other gear you may want for a day on the water.

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