Vendor & Caterer Information

  • NOCO Islands entrance is located at 4171 Kechter Road and as you enter the property, the vendor/cater dock is the first and only concrete dock to your left.
  • Your arrival time is one hour prior to your Client's event start time. If the event starts at 1pm, then your pickup time by shuttle boat is 12pm. If a later arrival time is needed, please contact us 48 hours in advance so we may plan accordingly as we have other vendors arriving at various times for other events.
  • Please bring all necessary serving/event items with you at time of shuttle boat pick-up. We are able to transport large quantities of supplies, so in most cases we can take everything in one trip.
  • We have three Island Destination areas (Big Island East, Big Island West and Liilii Island). Each destination provides the same or similar amenities in each area so if you are on the entire Big Island, you will have access to double the amenities.
  • You and each member of your staff (over age of 18) will be required to sign our liability waiver. If you have staff under the age of 18, a supervisor may sign for them.
  • Our staff will take trash off Island Destination, but we ask that you please deposit all your trash, etc. in receptacles.
  • Please wipe down tables/counters when finished. It is helpful to bring “to go” containers to allow guests to take leftovers with them. Please do not leave food, etc. without prior permission from NOCO Island staff.
  • In most cases vendors/caterers leave Island Destination following guest departure. Please let us know if you need to leave prior to event commencement.
  • We DO provide table cloths for banquet size serving tables.
  • We DO provide additional counter space for extra storage.
  • We DO provide limited refrigerator space. (if you require a large amount of items to remain cold we recommend you bring coolers of ice)
  • We DO provide propane for our commercial size grills.
  • We DO NOT have sinks, but we do have potable water.
  • We DO NOT provide ice.

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