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Are you looking for adventure? At Island Lake Marine & Sports in Las Vegas, we’re here to facilitate the excitement you are after. Treat yourself with one on our wakeboard boats at our Las Vegas dealership. Whether you’re looking to purchase your first wakeboard boat, you’re looking to upgrade your old model, or you simply want a used wakeboard boat for sale for weekend fun, we’ve got what you need at Island Lake Marine & Sports in Las Vegas.

Don’t Wait for the Perfect Wave; Create One!

Choosing one our Centurion wakeboard boats for sale in Las Vegas can elevate your watersport endeavors to the next level. Centurion boats are made with a unique blade shape that cuts deep in the water generating larger waves that you won’t find with any other watercraft.

Is a Preowned Boat Right for You?

We offer the Las Vegas community the top of the line used wakeboard boats for sale. When purchasing a preowned watercraft, it’s understandable that you’ll have questions you want answered. The team at our Las Vegas dealership can answer every question you have, never pressuring you to complete a purchase you’re not comfortable with. We show you why, new or used, the selection of Centurion wakeboard boats at our Las Vegas dealership will last for years to come. When purchasing a used wakeboard boat for sale, you’re able to save money while still getting a watercraft that performs at the top of its class. It’s understandable not to spend an endless amount of money on a watercraft you won’t use every day. The used wakeboard boats for sale at our Las Vegas dealership are the perfect way to enjoy the waters while staying mindful of your budget.

Treat Yourself to the Newest Models

When you purchase a new wakeboarding boat, you’re opting for the best watercraft in the business. With comfort, luxury, and great attention to performance, you’ll be proud to show your boat off in the Las Vegas waters. With the newest models available, we’re confident you’ll find the boat of your dreams.

Your Safety is Our Top Priority

Wakeboarding requires the proper boat and equipment for a safe adventure. You can’t just use any type of boat when going wakeboarding. Centurion boats are designed to reduce the risk of injury in an accident. With other boats, the engine and propeller are near the back of the boat. Choose Island Lake Marine & Sports as your source for Centurion boats in Las Vegas.

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