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Waksurf lovers all over have come to our Las Vegas dealership to purchase Centurion wake boats. Here at Island Lake Marine & Sports, we have a large inventory of wake surf boats that are sure to satisfy your every need. We make it our mission to provide the Las Vegas community with boats they can count on.

The History Behind Wake Surf Boats

Wake surfing was once seen as a type of experiment for surfers. Commonly, surfers can waste hours and even a whole day waiting on the waters for a surfable wave to come when it never does. No matter if you reside in Las Vegas or you’re surfing somewhere else entirely, there’s no guarantee that you’ll catch the perfect wave. With wake surfing, you’re able to create your waves. From 1980 till now, the wake surf boat has immensely, which you’ll see when you step inside a Centurion boat.

Unique Blades for Bigger Waves

The shape of the blades on our fleet of Centurion wake boats in Las Vegas generates more giant waves that you won’t find with any other brand. Whether you’re new to wake surfing and you want to experience the watersport, or you’re an advanced surfer, and you want to enhance your skills with a Centurion boat — we have all you need at our Las Vegas dealership.

Are You Ready to Upgrade to the Newest Model?

Are you ready to upgrade your old boat for the newest model? With the latest watercrafts available as soon as possible, you’ll be sure to turn heads with your new boat. The Centurion boats at our Las Vegas dealership feature safety, luxury — and most of all — performance, so you can focus on the adventure at hand.

The Used Boats That’ll Last

Many benefits come with purchasing a used Centurion wake boat at our Las Vegas dealership. Choosing previously owned watercraft from Island Lake Marine & Sports in Las Vegas can help you be mindful of your budget while also getting precisely what you want. With our vast selection of preowned Centurion boats, we’re confident you’ll find something in your price range. Purchasing a used wake surf boat is sure to come with its fair share of questions. The professionals at our Las Vegas dealership are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We provide you with the specs of your used boat and how long it has been used. We vow never to sell you a watercraft that doesn’t perform up to our standards. When you choose Island Lake Marine & Sports in Las Vegas, you’ll know you’re making a smart decision.

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