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    Wakeboard Boats

    Supreme boats are quality watercrafts that make your time on the water a dream come true. At an affordable price,...

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    Wake Surf Boats

    Supreme boats engineer the perfect wake for the people who like to not just be behind the wheel of the boat, but behind...


    Supreme boats are perfect for wakeboarding or wake surfing. With the perfect wake completely engineerable from the captain’s chair, Supreme wakeboard and wakesurf boats masterfully take command of the water around there. Come into Island Lake Marine & Sports in Fort Collins, Colorado to catch a glimpse of the selection and perhaps even take one out on the water.

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    Supreme Wakeboard Boats in Fort Collins

    Wakeboarding is one of the thrills of being out on the water, and with wakeboard boats from Supreme boats, whether you’re riding the wake on a wakeboard or captaining the ship at the helm, you are cruising with luxury. With integrated staggered chine stabilization, you’ll be making and wakeboarding on symmetrical waves and having the experience of a lifetime.

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    • Supreme Wakesurf Boats in Fort Collins

      The perfect surf starts with the perfect wake, and Supreme boats create a level surfability with their modified deep and tapered V hull designs that result in efficient water displacement, less ballast weight, and a perfect wave. Even when the lake is still without a single ripple, you can make great waves to surf with the wakesurf boats for sale from Supreme boats.

    • Supreme Boats for Sale in Fort Collins

      Your one stop shop for new and used models of Supreme wakeboard and wakesurf boats is your Supreme boat dealer, Island Lake Marine & Sports in Fort Collins. Come experience the thrill for yourself with your hands on the steering wheel and nothing in front of you but open water. Find out first hand how it feels at Colorado’s only Supreme boat dealership located on the water.

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    Whether you are a first time boat buyer, or you are looking for a new vessel in Colorado, you can trust Island Lake Marine & Sports. Our family owned and operated boat and boating accessories dealership has been providing Colorado with a wide variety of new and used watercrafts since 1991. Call today to find your next boat!

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